White Water Rafting NC

Tips for Planning a White Water Rafting Trip

White water rafting is one of the top recreation activities in the Hot Springs NC area. In fact during the warm season many, if not most of the guests to Broadwing Farm also plan a trip down the river. The attraction is pretty easy to understand, it's loads of fun, it's exciting, it's cool and exhilarating, it's all outdoors, it's affordable and it's the kind of fun that doesn't require a joystick, a computer or an internet connection. It's a great time for kids to laugh and splash and let go of their indoor voices for while.


Tip 1: How to choose a White Water Rafting Company in NC

In white water rafting, experience matters a lot, so choose a well established rafting company with years of experience. Check out their web pages and the online reviews, and talk to the phone receptionist about who might be guiding your trip and how many years of experience they have under their belts and ask about the turnover in their guide population. You don't want a trip with a stone age survivor but neither do you want to go rafting with some green-horn-Johnny -come-lately. If your still having trouble picking a company, give us a call and we'll help you sort it out.


Tip 2: Don't miss the White Water Rafting in Hot Springs

The Hot Springs area is actually within a short drive of a couple other great rivers for rafting. We frequently get visitors to Hot Springs who do rafting tours of the area, visiting the Pigeon river and the Nolichuky River as well as the French Broad for more rafting. The drive to either of these other rivers is less than 2 hours and in both cases the drive is beautiful.

We recommend NOC for the Nolichuky River and Big Creek Expeditions on the Pigeon River.

And if you'd like a day on the water but have enough exhilaration in your life without rushing rapids, most of the outfitters in the area offer float trips and tubing trips. These trips involve plopping yourself into an inflatable contraption, a tube or an inflatable canoe or a funyac (that's short for inflatable kayak) and then just floating or lazily paddling down a calm beautiful stretch of the French Broad River in the Hot Springs area.


Tip 3: Have a Fun Safe Trip

Whitewater Rafting is very safe. The most important thing you can do for a safe rafting trip is choose a reputable outfitter. The quality outfitters in the Hot Springs area have years of river experience under their belts and will use the best equipment and safety protocols to guide you thru the most exhilarating rapids in the safest way.